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  • Is RoomSage a digital advertising agency?

    No. We are not an advertising agency. We do work with digital advertising agencies as our partners and clients. Digital advertising agencies provide a wide range of “4P’s” of marketing services to customers (in this case to hotels). A package of typical hotel marketing services consists of, among others:

    • Creation of hotel marketing plans;
    • Design and execution of strategic marketing plans by market segment;
    • Creation and oversight of Internet marketing strategies;
    • Website design and optimization;
    • Use of email marketing tools;
    • Provision of third-party booking engines;
    • Designing and printing of promotional brochures;
    • Brand development.
    RoomSage provides our partners, digital marketers, a technology that brings in automated, intelligent bidding solutions to that part of Internet marketing strategy which relies on Google Adwords.

  • Is RoomSage a potential competitor of my marketing agency?

    Definitely not. Quite the contrary, your marketing agency can deliver client work using our solutions, thus becoming more competitive and proficient in AdWords bidding. We will be happy to meet your agency and discuss possible ways to cooperate. We will never become a marketing agency. Likewise, we do not bypass you to work with your client hotels without you being involved.


  • Can RoomSage provide its solutions to hotels directly?

    Yes, but only under certain well-defined circumstances. RoomSage may work directly with hotels or hotel chains that rely on their own e-commerce departments rather than on outside digital marketing agencies (or any other external providers of marketing services). Otherwise we do not want to compete with our partners.

  • Can RoomSage provide its technology to advertising companies?

    Yes, this is our core business. Digital advertising agencies have the capacity to add services on top of technological solutions. With RoomSage, they rely on the most advanced tools to enhance their service of managing the channels such as Google Adwords.

  • What kind of support does RoomSage offer?

    We have a team of Adwords experts at your disposal. At this moment, the team is available during standard European office hours, but we will soon be offering the support on the 24/7 basis.

  • What if RoomSage will not work for me?

    While we sincerely doubt it that this will be the case, we are offering a guarantee. We will not charge you if a pre-agreed minimum target for your hotel (or the hotel you serve) has not been reached.

  • Do you offer any free testing period?

    Yes, we offer the first 3 weeks of RoomSage Ad Optimizer on a free trial basis. Afterwards our “No monthly fee unless targets are reached guarantee” is in effect.

  • How much does RoomSage Ad Optimizer cost?

    The RoomSage Ad Optimizer pricing is comprised of two elements: A monthly subscription fee (which is set at different levels for small, medium and large hotels); A performance fee (we agree with our clients on performance targets for each hotel, as well as on a fee that is a percentage of paid bookings).


  • Can I resell RoomSage in my country?

    We are happy to discuss this with you. Please contact our sales team at to talk to us. We will be able to explain how we work with partners and jointly determine if being a RoomSage reseller in your geography is a feasible solution.

  • How can we start working together?

    Starting with RoomSage is easy. We sign the commercial agreement and mutual confidentiality agreement. RoomSage needs access to your Google AdWords campaign. The integration procedure is very simple and takes little time. We connect in seconds and let our AI do the rest. The results will be usually seen in a matter of days. With 4 weeks your results will be close to optimal (i.e., close to what they would have been if you had a perfect knowledge of future demand and bid pricing).


  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines. In the field of computer science the AI research is defined as the study of "intelligent agents", i.e., any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success of reaching pre-defined goals. Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving". (Source: Wikipedia)

  • What is Machine Learning?

    Machine Learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data – such algorithms overcome following strictly static program instructions by making data-driven predictions or decisions through building a model from sample inputs. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • What is the difference between the RoomSage Ad Optimizer and Adwords Smart Bidding?

    First, the difference is in that Adwords Smart Bidding (ASB) is not industry-specific. ASB is a set of AI-based bid automation tools developed by Google and offered to various businesses using Adwords, whose business models vary widely. On the other hand, the RoomSage Ad Optimizer was developed specifically addressing the hospitality industry’s needs and the type of data hotels deal with (e.g. the patterns and numbers of clicks, conversions, conversion rates etc.; we will also soon be adding the PMS data). Secondly, ASB relies on scale for its effectiveness (the need for large amounts of data needed to train the ASB algorithms stems partly from the universal, or generic nature of ASB tools). As a result, ASB might not be the appropriate choice if your campaign has limited conversion volume. For their „Target ROAS” bid strategies ASB sets the minimum requirement for monthly conversions to 15 (it recommends 50)” In contrast, at 15 conversions per month the RoomSage Ad Optimizer, thanks to its unique ability to extract maximum information from relatively small data sets, already performs at close to optimal levels. Last but not least, ASB is not appropriate for limited ad budgets while the RoomSage Ad Optimizer can effectively manage monthly ad budgets as small as € 30.

  • Does RoomSage need a lot of historical data in order for its AI to work?

    AI is based on data. In principle, the bigger the data set, the better for algorithms to learn from. We do realize, however that not all hotels have years of experience (and, as a result, big amounts of historical data) of working with digital channels. As a result, we have worked hard with a leading American Ivy League university on making our AI tools as flexible and universal as possible. Hence the RoomSage Ad Optimizer is capable of working with relatively small data sets. What’s more, RoomSage can be implemented at a hotel with no history of using Google Adwords! In such a case it will take approximately two- to three weeks for the tool to become truly effective.

  • How long does it take for RoomSage algorithms to start producing results?

    The RoomSage AI algorithms are among some of the fastest learning in the world. In most situations they can start delivering improved performance from the moment the tool is implemented. However, in order to reach their full potential (meaning that the RoomSage Ad Optimizer produces bid scenarios close to the optimal, perfect level), they do need a few weeks (and some data to learn from). In our experience RoomSage Ad Optimizer yields optimal results after being connected with your Google Adwords account for a period of about 4 weeks.

  • What if my AdWords campaign is set up and running, but we face a slow season?

    RoomSage Ad Optimizer has proven that it is very agile and dynamically adapts to changes in the competitive environment. During the slow period, when there are few or no conversions, the algorithms bids low, so that ad money is not wasted. If the situation changes and conditions improve, the RoomSage Ad Optimizer algorithms react very fast and adopt aggressive bidding strategies with no delay.

  • Can RoomSage Ad Optimizer be effective at seasonal resort hotels?

    Yes, it can. The hotels’ seasonality is a very exciting challenge for RoomSage Ad Optimizer. We have spent a long time fine-tuning machine learning to such scenarios, when in the high season everything is booked, and during the slow season there are almost no clicks. The RoomSage Ad Optimizer adapts very fast to the seasonal changes and refines its performance after each such change.

  • Can RoomSage also help in creating campaigns and setting the right keywords?

    No, it cannot. RoomSage Ad Optimizer accepts as input the keywords and campaigns that are already set by hotels or by their digital marketing agencies. Our task is to optimize the campaigns as they are input into RoomSage. Suggesting the right keywords and setting campaigns is the job of digital marketers or e-commerce professionals at the agencies or hotels, for whom the RoomSage Ad Optimizer is a tool.