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What is RoomSage technology platform?

RoomSage is one of the world’s first advertising technology platforms for hotels and digital marketers, powered by ORA the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms co-developed with the leading American Ivy League university researchers.

  • The technology brings together insights from every online interaction, and then determines how to optimize your Google Adwords advertising bids to achieve maximum conversion rates and revenue, while keeping costs-per-click to a minimum.

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  • Automatic change of bid strategies

  • Reports

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Forecasting

  • Manual/semi-manual configuration

Bid Optimizer

Our Adwords bidding tool for the hospitality industry is based on the proprietary AI technology, ORA, co-developed by RoomSage data scientists and researchers from a leading American Ivy League university. You can use the tool yourself (in which case you will appreciate its easy-to-use, intuitive interface), or you can let us run it for you as a service (then you will be able to view online the bidding choices of the Bid Optimizer). The process of getting the Bid Optimizer to work for you is straightforward.

Linking RoomSage to your Adwords account.
Following a simple procedure, you let RoomSage obtain access to your campaign’s account. You fill out a simple questionnaire. After signing a mutual NDA, RoomSage obtains access to your account and takes over the task of bidding. Optimization of your campaign has begun.

Quickly reach optimal bid values.
Google AdWords optimized with the Bid Optimizer is a no-risk proposition. You control your budget, daily spend limits and conversion targets. For starters you can select A/B testing mode. If you use the tool yourself, you can override the bids suggested by the Bid Optimizer. In an environment of sufficient number of conversions, your bids reach optimal levels (i.e., levels maximizing your profits) within the first month.

Optimize your bottom line and analyze factors influencing it.
RoomSage Ad Optimizer’s sole purpose is to get the most out of hotel ad spend and obtain the highest return on investment (revenues from conversions minus ad expense). The Bid Optimizer focuses on and optimizes profits alone - not CPA (cost per acquisition), conversions, or other measures. Detailed reports and analytics enable you to pinpoint how various variables influence your bottom line.

Hotel size
Current conversion rate
Value per conversion
Daily ad budget

Estimated additional profit compared to manual bidding: :

€ / day

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Personalized Bid Targeter

[Under development]
Based on proprietary ORA technology RoomSage is developing a set of next generation search engine bidding tools.
The Personalized Bid Targeter will reflect the philosophy of „Advertising to the Segment of One”: the tool will vary bids depending on the value of the person doing search to the advertiser. The use of advanced, bottom-up micro-segmentation techniques will result in unprecedented flexibility and effectiveness of campaigns run by our partners and client hotels.

The Personalized Bid Targeter will work by automating the processes of aggregation of data on individual Internet users and developing an individual micro-targeting approach for each such user.

The unique value of persons doing the search will be derived from big-data analysis of their demographics, but also other parameters (e.g., behavior on social network sites, phone or email usage pattern, participation in loyalty programs, etc.). Planned launch of the Personalized Bid Targeter is scheduled for mid 2019.

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