An advanced, AI-based revenue-enhancement technology platform

developed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Starting with bidding solutions for channels such as Adwords, through personalized marketing, to online revenue management, we automate and optimize revenue generation for our partners and hotels.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    working for you all the time

  • Effectiveness

    of the campaign to be checked with one click

  • Increase conversion rate

    and decrease the campaign costs

Bid Optimizer
Start optimizing your Google Adwords campaign

Whether you are an experienced Google AdWords user or a newcomer to digital marketing, with RoomSage Bid Optimizer it doesn’t really matter - RoomSage will help you improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Manual campaign configuration

    Identify your campaign parameters and goals yourself

  • Semi-automatic configuration

    Use our algorithms to determine the parameters and goals for you

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Set your targets

Google AdWords optimized with the Room Sage Bid Optimizer is a no-risk proposition. Set your budget, daily spend limits and conversion targets. Start small if you want to gain confidence over time. Grow bigger as you become comfortable and see the tool work its magic!

  • Analytical panel

    Browse the results of the campaign in real time

  • Dedicated dashboard

    Create your own dahboard with the parameters of the campaigns

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Accomplish Measurable Results

Over time you will become convinced that our Artificial Intelligence algorithms work for you more effectively than even the most experienced digital marketing specialists.

  • 24h/7

    Our system works for you 24 hours a day, so that you can devote your time to other tasks

  • RoomSage prepares sales predictions and recommends actions

    Our tool will tell you what steps you should take to achieve your goal

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To date, our system has performed 2900 bids in over 193 campaigns around the world.

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